Matt + Shelby's Elkwater Wedding | Cypress Hills Wedding Photographer

Let's just say we were obsessed with Matt and Shelby's fur babies! And we were not the only ones as these two were gently passed around to anyone wanting puppy cuddles before the Elkwater wedding. Cutest little wedding pups we had ever seen. Both had their own wedding outfits to match the bride and groom!

Now, those pups were cute, but one of the best moments during Matt and Shelby's wedding would have been during the actual ceremony. Everything had gone so smoothly until it came time to sign the wedding papers. The bride's expression when she realized they did not have the papers was priceless! Fortunately, the papers were only left at a cabin close by, so the father of the bride sped off to save the day. When he returned it was as if he had ran a marathon and everyone was offering him water as he ran down the steps of the Elkwater Amphitheater. It was such a great sight to see a girl's father jumping to the rescue - especially on her wedding day.

This lucky couple also had the talented Taking August play at their wedding. How cool!