Kailey + Tanner's Winter Love | Medicine Hat Wedding Photographer

How many couples feel as though they have no "good" pictures of themselves together? I mean most of us have those party pictures, selfie pictures, pictures of us dressed up for others' weddings or special events, but absolutely no pictures that show our casual fun loving selves.

This may be why many couples opt to have an engagement session prior to their wedding, but why do we wait? Kailey and Tanner didn't wait for an engagement session because they wanted a chance to get a few good photos to share with family and friends that show how in love they are. Having your pictures taken together at any stage in your relationship really documents your life together - how you look, and simply how you ARE together! Looking back at pictures of how you made each other smile can be therapeutic for those rough days all couples experience (unfortunately, you know what I mean).

At first we were disappointed that the weather wasn't going to give us those gorgeous Fall photos we were both hoping for in November, but then it turned out to be an amazing winter wonderland, which surrounded them in snow and really set the stage for their photo shoot. We are impressed by the number of couples who have requested winter photography this past year, and I can see why! The snow is so dreamy!