Crystal + Rob's Engagement Session | Medicine Hat Wedding Photographer

I had been holding on to these red heart balloons forever waiting for the right time and occasion to use them. When Crystal and Rob booked their engagement session just before Valentine's Day, I was so excited to be able to finally use them! The timing couldn't be more perfect!

However, I had to make sure they were on board with the idea. I am so glad they agreed! First we had a little competition to see who could blow up their balloons fastest. Rob just about had his balloon blown up in a single puff of air, but Crystal didn't waste time and had him beat when it came to tying the balloon! The second part was having each of them write a special love note to each other on the balloons. This was really sweet! The moment turned out better than I planned. I am so grateful they shared this with me. Looking forward to sharing more special moments with these two at their Elkwater wedding this Fall.