Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Decorator

You may be struggling with the decision whether or not to hire someone to help with planning and decorations for your special day, so here are the top 5 reasons you should hire a wedding decorator.

#5 You've got a great eye for style (or not at all)
A bride-to-be who is either artistically or fashionably inclined, or on the other hand, completely challenged would definitely benefit from hiring a wedding decorator. They will have everything you've dreamed of and more. Even those interested in a modest approach will be surprised to see how far small touches can go.

#4 Your venue is a blank canvas
Sometimes outdoor spaces, and even ballrooms, can offer a lackluster vibe. There are a few wedding venues in Medicine Hat that are literally black boxes until they are given a touch of lighting and decorations. Draping, artwork and vintage rentals can spice up even the most bleak of venues and a decorator can help you create your vision anywhere.

#3 You're looking for something truly unique
If you're hoping to find inventive ways to infuse your personality into your big day, look no further than a wedding decorator. They can help you source special flowers and rentals that are not ubiquitous so that your wedding feels unique and curated just for you.

#2 You're all about branding
If there's a certain look you're going for from start to finish such as your ceremony aisle runner to reception centre pieces, a decorator can help you stay "on brand" throughout the entire process to create a unified and imaginative event. These are couples after my graphic design heart!

#1 You don't have time (or desire) to get crafty
Typically, brides who do not hire a decorator take on the immense task of decorating themselves. This means a lot of time spent on Pinterest projects, and recruiting help to fold 1000s of paper cranes. Then it comes time to put it all together. Without a decorator, you and your wedding party may be setting up tables and tying ribbons on chairs just hours before your ceremony.

In the end, your wedding decorator will make your wedding vision come to life. Let them handle some of the stresses of wedding planning, so all you have to do is enjoy the ambiance of your beautifully transformed wedding venue.

Below are some images taken at a wedding we photographed at Southside Events Centre in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The bride and groom, Amber and Dean were married on the beach, so they wanted to bring some of the sand and sun back to Medicine Hat. These reception decorations were brilliantly put together by Events by Natalie Noel, a local wedding decorator.

Wedding Decorator: Events by Natalie Noel
Cake Designer:  Jen Steinke
Venue:  Southside Events Centre
Source: Brides.Com