Lindsay + Richard's Engagement Session | Medicine Hat Wedding Photographer

We have been really lucky to photograph couples that have no problem cuddling up close to their loved one - especially in front of the camera. During sessions you will hear us say, “Nice and close” or “Hold it, hold it!” when trying to capture a fleeting intimate moment between the couple before it disappears.

Because this was Lindsay and Richard’s first photo shoot together, they anticipated it to be super “posey” with impending awkwardness, as most first timers do. However, it’s important to us that our couples feel comfortable during their sessions. You really can’t fix rigid poses and it’s incredibly difficult to photoshop genuine expressions.

Lindsay and Richard may have surprised themselves though with how easily they melted into each other during the session. They stayed in each others' arms the entire time and kissed each other so romantically they said it was like they had just started dating.

I also had a chance to meet their big fur baby at the engagement session. Gus was such a sweet heart and I am such a sucker for cute animals – even drooly ones. He was so entertaining, too! We had a few photo bomb incidents where he didn’t want to be in the photo then HAD to be in the photo, a potty break and maybe even a friendly moment shared with another dog. I could not stop laughing at him.

Happy everyone was so comfortable in front of the camera! Cannot wait to see how happy and close these two get for the wedding day!