Top 5 Photography Moments from the Past 5 Years

Woods Photography turns 5 years old! Many of our followers likely know our back story and have possibly been with us from the very beginning. It all started on August 26, 2012 when we offered 50 free sessions to help build our portfolio. We have been on such a wild adventure since then! Truthfully, there have been some tough times, but we would not change a thing. So many lessons learned with each new experience. We are so appreciatiave for the people and places we've seen along the way, so we thought we would share some of the fun times we've had with our Top 5 Photography Moments from the Past 5 Years:


#5. Our First Wedding (2013)

It was incredibly nerve wracking trying to capture a wedding for the first time with so little experience, but Shandel and Marc hired us knowing what we had to offer. We could not be more grateful that they took a chance on us! We have learned so much since then, but truthfully one of our favourite wedding images of all time is this one we took at Redcliff River Valley Park on their wedding day - our very first wedding.


#4. French Kiss from the Father of the Groom (2013)

Yes, that's right. Once while photographing the family portraits, the father of the groom walked right up to me, grabbed my face and tried kissing me - tongue and all. We all had a good laugh - especially Mitch who decided to capture the moment and NOT come to my rescue. Thanks a lot, honey! It was definitely the most shocking moment in photography for us... but mostly for me.


#3. Voted Best Photographer in Medicine Hat (2016)

Being voted in the top three Best Photographers in Medicine Hat for the past three years has been an incredible honour. We had put so much heart, soul, sweat and tears into our business that the award for Best Photographer validated every minute and sleepless night we spent following this passion of ours so blindly. Who knew photography would become our adventure of a lifetime. Creating these images with our son to celebrate was a blast, too! Still finding confetti all over our house.


#2. Sunset in Waterton (2014)

Jackie and Tyler's Wedding in Waterton was such a memorable wedding! It was our first time in Waterton National Park and the landscape took our breath away. We were lucky enough to spend the day before their wedding exploring to find nice locations for wedding portraits. At the end of our location scouting we decided to head up to Prince of Wales Hotel, which overlooks the park. It was AMAZING! We could not wait to bring them for photos. As it turned out, these two had never been up there yet and were seeing this view for the first time on their wedding day witnessing the most beautiful sunset over the mountains. It was like a fairy tale! We will never forget how these two melted into each other up on that hill. Tyler reached his arms out over the view and said, "Now, these are my pictures!" It was a perfect moment.


#1. The Wedding in Mexico (2015)

Our top 5 list would not be complete without our Mexico adventure! We had the pleasure of photographing Dean and Amber's wedding at the beautiful Princess Resort in Playa Del Carmen. Just wow... wow, wow, wow! We made memories and friends that now hold a special place in our heart - cheesy, I know, but its true. It was the farthest I have ever traveled and the first time I had ever seen the ocean. It was the first time we made memories of our own while photographing a wedding. This was most certainly our top photography moment!

PicMonkey Collage2.png

Remember this sweet jump Dirty Dancy style by the groom and groomsmen! Click image to watch in action.


Now, one last image that will always make us laugh...

HONOURABLE MENTION: The Nose Picker (2014)

This was our second time photographing this handsome little man, so everyone was becoming very comfortable with each other. He was just hanging off the door handle ever so innocently, when all of a sudden his finger just went straight up his nose. One of those brilliantly captured moments even his parents will never forget - unfortunately, neither will he with this proof.