Destination Wedding

Dean + Amber's Trash-the-Dress | Destination Wedding Photographer

Photographing Dean + Amber's destination wedding was an experience of a lifetime, but their Trash-the-Dress session at the beach by the ocean the following day was a dream! Honestly, I cannot get over the sunsets in Mexico. They are incredibly majestic and took our breath away every night. So happy we met for a near moonlit session to trash her dress. Such a creamy-dreamy sunset that evening!

While we were at the Grand Sunset Princess Hotel and Resort, I swam in the ocean for the very first time, as well! I could not believe how strong the waves in the ocean are. I got tossed around pretty well before landing on my butt back on shore. When Dean and Amber were getting wet in the water, they were splashed by some pretty good waves a few times, too. Love those candid shots! It was so much fun finishing the trash-the-dress session by covering her head to toe in beach sand with the help of a family and friends!

Dean + Amber's Riviera Maya Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

I am a bit of a crier. I cry when I’m sad. I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I’m overwhelmed. And sometimes I cry for no reason at all (Mitch can attest to that). However, I am proud to say that I do not cry at weddings. Well, not many. Mainly because there are so many thoughts going through my head calculating what’s coming next or what settings to use that I don’t have time for these moments to register emotionally.

Now, Dean and Amber’s destination wedding caught me completely off guard. If there is one thing that gets me teary-eyed, it’s mothers and their babies. When I hear a mother’s voice crack or tears fall over their child, I am done for! So Amber and her mom, Pauline are incredibly close – best friends actually, and I was completely overwhelmed watching the love they have for each other and the joy they were feeling about the wedding. Everyone was crying while getting ready, but perhaps no one more so than me.

Whoosh! All of a sudden the happy tears went sad. It just reminded me of all of the things I missed sharing with my mom at my wedding.  Tears filled my viewfinder and I had to stop shooting to take a break on the balcony where I sobbed uncontrollably. Thankfully Mitch was there to console me. I really do not know why these feelings hit me so hard at this wedding. I don’t even remember crying this much at my own wedding. I just really missed my mom at that moment and wondered if she were still with us would we have something as special as Amber and Pauline.

I think another reason for my emotional connection (or breakdown) is the difference in circumstances for this destination wedding over other weddings. We spent nearly a week before the wedding in the gorgeous Grand Sunset Princess Hotel and Resort in Riviera Maya with all of Dean and Amber’s wedding guests, so we had a chance to get to know everyone – a luxury of time we do not get with other weddings. And we REALLY liked their family and friends A LOT! Again, they were all super close, but welcomed us into their group right away. I hope we get to spend some time together with them in Medicine Hat again soon. So girls if you’re reading this… let's do coffee ;)


Wedding Venue: Grand Sunset Princess Hotel and Resort
Wedding Reception and Dinner: Chill Out Lounge
Flower Bouquets/Boutonnieres: Grand Sunset Princess Hotel and Resort
Hair/Make-up: Megan Orenstein