Trash the Dress

Dean + Amber's Trash-the-Dress | Destination Wedding Photographer

Photographing Dean + Amber's destination wedding was an experience of a lifetime, but their Trash-the-Dress session at the beach by the ocean the following day was a dream! Honestly, I cannot get over the sunsets in Mexico. They are incredibly majestic and took our breath away every night. So happy we met for a near moonlit session to trash her dress. Such a creamy-dreamy sunset that evening!

While we were at the Grand Sunset Princess Hotel and Resort, I swam in the ocean for the very first time, as well! I could not believe how strong the waves in the ocean are. I got tossed around pretty well before landing on my butt back on shore. When Dean and Amber were getting wet in the water, they were splashed by some pretty good waves a few times, too. Love those candid shots! It was so much fun finishing the trash-the-dress session by covering her head to toe in beach sand with the help of a family and friends!

Jackie's Trash-the-Dress Shoot | Medicine Hat Wedding Photographer

What can we say about this session!? Not only did we have a blast making a mess of her wedding dress, but Jackie looked spectacular! Would never have guessed that drenching a bride and throwing dirt all over her would be so beautiful, but the shimmer from the setting sun made this trash the dress shoot in Medicine Hat just perfect!