Jenna + Ryan's Elkwater Wedding Proposal

We recently photographed Jenna and Ryan's wedding in Elkwater, and it was every bit as perfect as their engagement session last summer.

They invited me out to their farm near Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park where they told me their endearing wedding proposal story. Initially, Ryan thought about having a photographer capture the proposal, but opted for a private and more intimate proposal. Luckily, we went on an excursion around their farmland to the very spot where Ryan popped the question and took a few shots to replay the moment!

On the day of the proposal, he told Jenna that one of the cows got out and needed her help to find it. They jumped on the ATV and off they went. As they drove through the picturesque landscape of their cypress hills acreage, Jenna unknowingly searched for this imaginary livestock. Once they reached the edge of the coulees, they peered out to see nothing but the beautiful view... and Ryan down on one knee.

And that's where their wedding journey began. We will share more about that in another blog post.

Cailyn + Sheldon's Reesor Ranch Wedding | Cypress Hills Wedding Photographer

Now, we've photographed country style weddings before, but this was a new experience for us in a few ways! First, Cailyn and Sheldon's wedding took place at the Historic Reesor Ranch in Cypress Hills Provincial Park. This was our first visit, and we were amazed by the rustic atmosphere. It was perfect for a country wedding! Plus, all of their traveling wedding guests had a place to stay right on the farm!

And of course, there are all types of wedding ceremonies such as the sand ceremony, hand tying ceremony, butterfly release ceremony (which we had at our wedding!!), but this couple celebrated in pure country style with a wood branding ceremony! We thought this was so unique and tied into their wedding theme so well. It was really neat to watch, too, but boy did it smoke up the place!

It was seriously one of the coldest days in August, too, so the ceremony had to move indoors. Fortunately enough, the rain slowed long enough for us to shoot outside with the rolling hills and rustic surroundings of Reesor Ranch.