Amanda + Blain's Private Elopement Ceremony | Medicine Hat Wedding Photographer

Amanda and Blain's wedding was one of the most heart warming weddings I have ever experienced. It is not uncommon for couples to book our wedding photography services at a distance and at times exclusively using email, so we may not meet until the day of the wedding. It was an incredibly touching surprise to be the only person "in attendance" at this private ceremony for this loving couple whom I had just met. The only other people at the ceremony included Wendy Klassen, the officiant and two other hired witnesses to sign the marriage certificate.

This wedding was my very first true elopement. The term has come to include any wedding held on a weekday or away from home, but even those can be just as big and busy as any other wedding. Being included in such an exclusive event, really gave me a sense of closeness with these near strangers. There were moments at this wedding that touched me deeply and brought me to tears. After our portrait session in Athletic Park and their first dance on the baseball field, we headed to the care centre where Amanda's grandparents were living to surprise them with the exciting news. I do not think I will ever forget the expression on her grandma's face or her excitement telling all of the staff we passed by about this amazing surprise.

Amanda had created some of the most unique wedding decor and attire. The backdrop had to be something that would be easy to install because there was just the two of them, so they used white tulle draped on lightweight PVC pipes and hung orange and blue clothes hangers with matching balloons for the colour accents. Amanda's something blue was her adorable DIY blue heels that coordinated so well with Blain's blue and orange camo tie and homemade button boutonniere. I think the most mind blowing DIY piece, was the bride's birdcage veil made from a black net used to wrap grocery store ham. Yes, that's right! Upcycling at its best!