Graduation Photography

Graduation 2015 Highlights | Medicine Hat Grad Photographer

This year we had the pleasure of photographing these amazing high school grad students in Medicine Hat. It was so strange to be meeting these young adults who are so young in many ways yet remarkably mature. When I graduated I did not have a clue what I would do, but these kids are fearless! One student is moving all the way south of the border for school next year, while another was traveling through Australia right after graduation. They are courageously making grown up decisions already.

So often parents want these grad session photos to preserve what's left of their child's youth and innocence, while the children see this as their official coming of age. Many even had their high school sweet hearts with them. I always ask if young couples are okay showing intimacy during a session because kissing your girlfriend or boyfriend in front of the camera is awkward for anyone at any age. But what about in front of the camera in front of your parents, or in some cases in front of your parents for the first time EVER? So I repeat - these kids are fearless! We wish them all the best of luck. Congratulations, class of 2015!