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Engagement Guestbook Photo Album

If you are looking for a wedding guestbook worth keeping out around the house after your wedding, consider an album with photos from your engagement session. These beautiful engagement photo albums lay completely flat which makes it perfect for writing. Guestbook photo albums also ensure those stunning engagement photos are printed and won't be trapped on your computer.

You can purchase our guestbook albums separately or with your wedding package. Each 8x10 album can be customized with photos taken during your engagement session with Woods Photography. You also have the option to convert the album to a photo book if you already have a guestbook planned for your wedding. You will love showing these albums off!

Wedding Photography Products and Packaging

If you've been looking at our Wedding Packages, you may have noticed that all of our packages includes a wedding album. We wanted to ensure your treasured memories are not trapped on a USB flash drive hidden in storage. They deserve to be on display so all of your family, friends, and even your children can enjoy them.

Below are photos from our Elite Wedding Package, which includes a massive 12x15 wedding album with genuine leather cover, as well as an engagement guestbook album to show off the photos from your engagement session. Our albums feature thick fingerprint-resistant pages with a layflat design, so your panoramic photos can spread across two pages.