St. Patrick's Church

Luke + Laurelle's Wedding at St. Patrick's Church

Luke and Laurelle's Medicine Hat wedding was just a fairy tale! Their ceremony was held at the beautiful St. Patrick's Church where these two had the best wedding kiss ever captured (if we do say so ourselves). Very few couples attempt the dip and kiss; and even fewer provide the best angle for us photographers to catch the moment, as well as any guests reaction! Well done, Luke!

After we took a few photos with the couple and their family at the church, they took a well deserved break to ride around in the limo just the two of them while we spent time with the wedding party. This is the first time any couple has included "alone time" in their wedding schedule and IT IS BRILLIANT! Although it may cut into the time used for photographing portraits, more couples should consider making room for this as it may likely be your favourite part of your busy wedding day.

The father of the bride shared the most memorable speech at their Esplanade wedding reception. It had everyone in laughter and tears as he reminisced about protecting his baby girls from young suitors. He even brought out the baseball bat that he used to intimidate these young men. As part of his speech, he passed down this bat to his new son-in-law so he could protect his future grandchildren just the same. What a welcome to the family and start of their new life together!

One of our favourite behind the scenes shots at this wedding includes one of our favourite groomsmen... neither of us were blessed with height, so he helped out and Mitch jumped :)

Ceremony:  St. Patrick's Church
Reception:  Esplanade Lobby
Videographer:  Wandering Pines
Hair/MUA:  Bratt Pak
Caterer:  Big Eatz Little Feetz
Wedding Dress:  Beautiful Bride
Suits:  Labels for Men
Flowers:  Fresh Flowers
Decor: Ebel's Limo & Event Decor
Transportation:  California Dream Limo
Music DJ:  Chrome Entertainment

Chantel + Jamie's Wedding at St. Patrick's Church | Medicine Hat Wedding Photographer

Ever since we started photographing weddings, the one venue that has been on our bucket list has been St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Medicine Hat. This majestic and historic structure towers over the Medicine Hat skyline. Not only was it a dream of ours to photograph a wedding at St. Pat's Church, it had been a childhood dream come true for Chantel. She may have been the very first bride we have met who has literally been planning this day since she was 12 years old.

The only thing they may not have planned for was the unbearable heat. One of the hottest days of the year by far. Touching each other while posing was like torture it was so hot, and poor Jamie and the groomsmen were wearing all black. We had to escape the heat, so we made a stop at the local 7-11 convenience store, which was perfect as their wedding day was actually on July 11 or 7-11. How cute! Now these two can celebrate every year with a refreshing anniversary slurpee. We finally made our way indoors at the Esplanade to finish up portraits and enjoy the cool air conditioning I never knew we would be so grateful for.

Ceremony:  St. Patrick's Church
Reception:  Medicine Hat Lodge