Rock 105.3 | Medicine Hat Head Shot Photographer

We have to admit it felt pretty cool to have a backstage pass into the working lives of the on air radio hosts at Rock 105.3 Medicine Hat's Best Rock. To accommodate the different on air shifts we took Rock 105.3's head shot photos right at the radio station. There was a spot in their office space outside the radio booth where we set up our backdrop and studio lighting, so we could actually hear the shows going on right next to us.

Hope no one could hear us on the radio because we were having an incredible time getting to know the radio hosts and it may have gotten a little crazy! We couldn't help laughing working with Poncho Parker, Shannon and the rest of the rock family. You would not believe how nice everyone is! It was hard to be serious photographing their head shots at times especially when Stephen Ball let his man bun down and whipped his hair around like a Head & Shoulders commercial, and of course who doesn't like trying a few 'just for fun' shots.

Catch the Rock 105.3 Morning Show with Poncho and Shannon weekday mornings.