Lifestyle & Family Photography FAQ's

Q.  How far in advance should we book?  
A.  We recommend booking at least 3 weeks in advance. As soon as you have a set date in mind, be sure to book your session right away to take advantage of prime time slots.

Q.  When should payment be made?
A.  Your session must be paid on the day of your shoot. No pictures will be supplied until full payment has been paid.

Q. What methods of payment are accepted?
A.  We accept cash, cheque (payable to "Andrea Woods"), as well as eTransfers (

Q.  What is your style of photography?
A.  We love photos that capture you and your loved ones as they are. Yes, we do give directions to guide the session and make you feel comfortable in front of my camera. That day you are the focus and our goal is to have a good time!

Q.  Will you edit my photos?
A.  Each photo is individually edited for proper exposure and white balance before we apply any additional styling. However, our motto is if its not typically there we may try to remove any distractions (ie. pimples, bruises, etc).

Q.  What should I wear?
A.  The most important thing is that you're comfortable. Wear what you feel good in, as that will usually show through in the photos. Professional casual to semi-formal tends to show best. Clothes with texture and colour are great - think about what would look interesting, and try to co-ordinate styles a bit if you're doing a couple or family shoot. 

Q.  What should I bring?
A.  You are welcome to bring along any props or change of clothes you would like to incorporate into your session. We recommend that you bring snacks and toys to any sessions with young children to keep them happy and smiling!

Q.  Do you charge extra for large families or groups? 
A.  We do not charge additional fees for large families or groups. We feel that your session time is yours to do what you like, but keep in mind you may need a longer session in order to accommodate all those taking part.

Q.  Do you shoot outdoors or in your studio?
A.  We definitely prefer the outdoors! Not only because of natural light, but it also provides a more relaxed environment, especially for young children where they can move about and burn energy while having fun!

Q.  Will you travel? 
A.  Absolutely, it would be our pleasure to meet you pretty much anywhere. Travel fees may apply. Contact us for details.

Q.  What if it rains or someone is sick on the day of the session?
A.  We understand that unexpected things can happen, so if anything comes up do not hesitate to reschedule. We always confirm session plans with you a day or two prior just in case of poor weather.

Q.  How many photos do we get?
A.  The number of photos you will receive varies on the session package you choose. However, you have the option to purchase other images from your session if you choose.

Q.  How long does it take to get my photos back? 
A.  You will receive a link to your personal gallery page within 2 to 3 weeks. However, depending on the time of year it may take up to 4 weeks for your photos to be fully edited and optimized.

Q.  Can I order an album or prints?
Definitely! Contact us for details and current pricing.